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Function Syntax

string string_modifier(string check_me )

string string_modifier(string check_me ,string modifier_name )

Returns a string modifier.

For a list of fields that this function takes, see Modifiers.

Code Samples

Checks current equipped outfit.

if(string_modifier("outfit") == "knob goblin elite guard uniform")
   print("You are equipped to purchase seltzer.");
else print("The Knob scientists won't let you into their store dressed like that.");

Display all modifiers related to your current moon sign.

print("I was born under the sign of the "+ my_sign() +" which gives me these modifiers:");
print( string_modifier("Sign:"+ my_sign(), "Modifiers" ) );

More Information

See this thread for details.

See Also

boolean_modifier() | effect_modifier() | numeric_modifier()