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Function Syntax

string substring(string full ,int start )

string substring(string full ,int start ,int end )

  • full in the full string to extract from
  • start is the starting position
  • end is the (optional) ending position

This function returns a portion of full, starting at start, and ending just before end. Note that end is optional; if omitted, the remainder of the string is returned. Both start, and optionally end are 0-indexed (but note that start is included in the returned portion, while end is not). Note that if end is supplied, and greater than the length of the string (number of characters it contains), this function will abort with an "out of bounds" exception.

Code Sample

Returns a portion of a string.

substring( "Some big long line of text with no real purpose." , 10 , 12);

Would result in:

Returned: on


If start and end are equal (and in-bounds), an empty string will be returned.