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Function Syntax

record svn_info(string projectname )

  • projectname is the name of a project which may exist on an SVN repo

Provides information about a given project. projectname will match any unique substring of any project in the /svn folder, but it is case sensitive. It returns a record with five fields:

record {
   string url;                 // The url that the project was checked out from
   int revision;               // The revision that the working copy is at
   string last_changed_author; // The author who committed the last change
   int last_changed_rev;       // The revision that most recently modified this working copy (note, not necessarily the same as revision field)
   string last_changed_date;   // The date/time when lastChangedRevision happened

Code Sample

Checks svn repo for a project

print( "To install ChIT, copy/paste the following line into your CLI and hit enter." );
print( "svn checkout " + svn_info( "mafiachit" ).url, "blue" );

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "svn list" provides a list of all installed scripts.

See Also

svn_exists() | svn_at_head()