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This template styles a function call so that it can be displayed as a link in (pseudo) Category pages.

This template requires at least two (unnamed) parameters to be passed; the first is the datatype returned by the function; the second is the name of the function (without parenthesis).

All additional unnamed parameters will be parsed as datatypes, in order, of the usable parameters. (Up to 8 can be supplied.)

An optional named parameter desc can be used to include a brief description of the what the function does, which will automatically be included in its display.

Optional parameters can be displayed by wrapping them in the Opt Template.




int some_function()

{{Flink|string|other_function|{{opt|float}}|desc=This is what this bad boy does; blah de freakin' blah}}


string other_function( [float] )

This is what this bad boy does; blah de freakin' blah