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Function Syntax

skill to_skill(int convert )

skill to_skill(string convert )

skill to_skill(effect convert )

  • convert is the int, string or effect to convert

When supplied an int or string, returns the skill that corresponds to the specified parameter convert. When supplied an effect, this returns the skill that, when cast on a player, gives them the effect convert.

Code Samples

Following example shows basic to_skill operations.

int first;
string  second;
effect third;

first = 53;
second = "disco eye";
third = $effect[she-who-was];

print(first+" gives "+to_skill(first)+".", "blue");
print(second+" gives "+to_skill(second)+".", "blue");
print(third+" gives "+to_skill(third)+".", "blue");

It gives the following output.

53 gives Summon Crimbo Candy.
disco eye gives Disco Eye-Poke.
Avatar of She-Who-Was gives Turtle Power.


If convert cannot be given by use of a skill and is supplied as such, or no match is found for a supplied string or int type, this function returns $skill[ none ].