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Function Syntax

slot to_slot(item equip )

  • equip is any item where you want to know which slot it is equipped to.

slot to_slot(string slot )

  • slot is the name of a slot that you want converted to the slot datatype.

This function will return the slot to which any item would be equipped. Alternatively it will convert the name of a slot to the correct datatype.


  • Non-equipment items return $slot[none].
  • Ranged and melee weapons return $slot[weapon], even if you have double fisted skull-smashing.
  • All accessories return $slot[acc1].


Code Samples

This code will equip a star sword if the slot it goes in is empty.

if(have_equipped(to_slot($item[star sword]) == $item[none]) {
   equip($item[star sword]);