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Function Syntax

string to_string( any anything)

  • anything is any data type that KoLmafia uses

string to_string( num number, string format)

  • number is either an int or a float
  • format is a format string used by the Java formatter

Returns any datatype as its string equivalent. For int and float types, you may optionally specify a format string, which can be useful for (among other things) printing only a few decimal places, or placing commas to break up large numerals.

Code Sample

Displays only two decimal places


Returned: 123.46

Displays an integer with commas.


Returned: 10,000,000


Note that this function isn't needed for print() and string concatenation, as KoLmafia handles conversions transparently in those cases; however, this function is still useful for passing a non-string value as a string parameter, or a part thereof.