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Function Syntax

boolean use(int qty ,item it )

  • qty is the quantity to use
  • it is the item to use

Attempts to use qty amount of item it. Returns true if the item is used or false if it fails to do so. Note that food must be "used" via eat() & drinks via drink() & spleen via chew(); attempting to use this function will result in an error message and a return value of false. Using this function for equipment will function the same as equip() would without the optional slot parameter. If this function is called with a non-usable item, a message saying so will print to the CLI and the function will return true.

Code Samples

The following example uses the festive warbear bank if you have one.

if (item_amount($item[festive warbear bank]) > 0) 
   use(1, $item[festive warbear bank]);
else print("You do not have a festive warbear bank.", "red");

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "use" functions similarly.

See Also

drink() | eat() | equip() | chew()

More Information

If qty is 0 or negative, no item will be used and the function will return true.