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There are two forms of this function. In a combat consult script, this returns a buffer, but otherwise it returns a boolean. Note both forms below.

Normal Use

Function Syntax

boolean use_skill(int casts ,skill to_use )

boolean use_skill(int casts ,skill to_use ,string target )

  • casts is the number of casts
  • to_use is the skill to use
  • target is the recipient (optional, for use with buffs only)

Attempts to cast the skill to_use a number of times specified by casts, or once if not specified. Defaults to casting on yourself, but you can specify a target for buffs.

Code Sample

This example will attempt to cast the specified skill as many times as it can with the MP the character has left.

effect chosen = $effect[ Empathy ];
use_skill( my_mp() / mp_cost( to_skill(chosen) )  , to_skill(chosen) );

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "cast" functions similarly to the normal version of this function (with similar parameters).

In-combat Consulting

Function Syntax

buffer use_skill(skill to_use )

boolean use_skill(int casts ,skill to_use )

  • casts is the (optional) number of casts
  • to_use is the skill to use

If the two-argument form is used in-combat, it will loop the specified number of casts using the specified skill to_use, never reconsulting the script until the loop is complete or the monster is defeated. The single-argument form will use the skill, then return the HTML response text. One exception: this will not work with Lasagna Bandages, since it tries to cast the out-of-combat version of the skill. Using visit_url() is required for casting Lasagna Bandages in combat.

Attention KoLmafia Experts!

We need your help; some details of this function's operation are unknown or unclear.

The following specific question has been raised:

  • Confirm: Is visit_url() still needed for Lasagna Bandages?