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KoL Mafia will automate your basement diving for you. If you select to auto-adventure in the basement, mafia will adventure for the given number of turns until it encounters a challenge it knows it cannot pass.

Mafia will:

  • Change outfits automatically.
  • Change familiars automatically.
  • Use elementform automatically in the relevant tests.
  • Automatically fight monsters as normal.

Mafia will not:

  • Use Dr. Lucifer to pass MP tests.
  • Ever adventure if it is not 100% sure the test will be passed.


Mafia will change outfits automatically for you, switching to custom outfits called:

  • damage
  • element
  • gauntlet
  • mpdrain
  • moxie
  • muscle
  • mysticality

If none of these outfits are present, mafia will simply attempt to pass the test with whatever you have on.


If you have a parrot, then mafia will switch to it as well if you add " f=parrot" to the end of the outfit name. For these reasons, it's probably a good idea to have the outfits:

  • damage f=sandworm
  • element f=parrot


Mafia will fight monsters as if they were normal enemies. For this reason, it is probably best to set a very simple CCS, just using either an uncapped myst spell, or scaling item (love songs, divines, etc.).

Alternative Script

See this thread for an alternative approach to basementing based upon mafia's maximizer and using items.