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Please do your part in helping to document ash functions!

Pages in this category have been flagged as needing code samples; it would really help us out if you provided one. See Template:FunctionPage and Template:CodeSample for details on how to add code samples.

What makes a good code sample?

  • Clearly shows how to use the function in a typical manner (not in some jury-rigged I-guess-you-could-do-it-that-way... er... way).
  • Isn't overly complicated; if the function doesn't return aggregates or use them as parameters, try to avoid them in the sample, for example.
  • Ideally, the code sample would be useful in some way, shape or form; even if it just duplicates other functionality (if it does, mention it in the code as a comment).

I'm bad at coding, or don't feel up to it right now; is there another way I can help?

  • Yes! If you see a function page that needs a code sample & doesn't have one, edit the page to include the line "needscode=yes|".
    • Place the line inside the function template call, after "{{FunctionPage|"
    • Don't put it inside another template call; if in doubt, the line right after "{{FunctionPage|" is ok.
  • If you see a page that does have code samples, but they're unclear, too complicated, etc., you can add "improvecode=yes|"
    • Place this line the same way as for "needscode=yes|"