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Part 3 - Equipment

Time to get dressed!

boolean equip( item it )
Puts on the specified item in the “natural” slot. For example, it won’t equip a weapon to the off-hand and it will only put a accessory into an empty slot.

boolean unequip( item it )
Takes off one of the specified item.

boolean equip_slot( slot sl, item it )
boolean unequip_slot( slot sl )

Equipment management that targets a specific slot.

item current_equipment( slot sl )
Returns the item currently equipped in the given slot.

boolean have_equipped( item it )
Tells you if the specified item is currently equipped (as it would not otherwise show up in item_amount()).

boolean can_equip( item it )
Tells you if you meet the requirements to equip the given item (regardless of whether you own it).

string weapon_type( item it )
Returns a string indicating the type of weapon which was passed as a parameter.

int weapon_hands( item it )
Tells you if a weapon will keep you from using your off-hand slot. Even if a weapon is described as being 3-handed, this function will return 2.

boolean ranged_weapon( item it )
Tells you if a weapon’s chance of hitting the opponent is based on your Moxie instead of your Muscle.

boolean have_familiar( familiar pet )
Tells you if you have placed the specified familiar in your Terrarium (or have it equipped now).

boolean equip_familiar( familiar pet )
Takes the specified familiar out of your Terrarium. Use equip() and unequip() to manage your familiar’s gear.

item familiar_equipment( familiar pet )
Returns the most common piece of equipment that is specially designed for the familiar’s type. If you want to find out what item is being equipped by your familiar of a specific species, then you would need to take that familiar out of the Terrarium with equip_familiar() and then check current_equipment( $slot[ familiar ]).

boolean have_outfit( string outfit_name )
Lets you know if you could wear a specified outfit right now, either an in-game or a custom outfit. A false result means either that you are missing one or more pieces of the outfit or that your stats are not high enough to equip all of the pieces.

boolean outfit( string outfit_name )
Wears the specified outfit.