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Function Syntax

boolean faxbot(monster m )

boolean faxbot(monster m ,string n )

  • m is the monster of which to request a fax.
  • n is the name of the supported bot from to request a fax. If not specified, mafia will traverse its list of faxbots and pick the first one that is online and has your monster.

Requests the specified monster from one of mafia's known faxbots (as of r19492 this is just EasyFax or CheeseFax).

Code Samples

This will acquire a copy of a scary pirate if you're able to get a fax.

if ((get_property("_photocopyUsed")=="false")&&(item_amount($item[photocopied monster])==0)) {
 faxbot($monster[scary pirate]);

See Also

can_faxbot() | is_online()


The chat must be open for this function to successfully work, just as for other mafia fax interfaces.