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Function Syntax

string [int] get_outfits()

This function returns a list of all KoL outfits that the character currently owns and can wear. This list includes " - No Change - ", "Birthday Suit" and "Your Previous Outfit" even though they aren't exactly KoL outfits.

Code Sample

The following code will print the list of all currently equippable KoL outfits.

foreach x, outfit_name in get_outfits()
   if( outfit_name != " - No Change - " && outfit_name != "Birthday Suit" && outfit_name != "Your Previous Outfit" )
      print( outfit_name );

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command outfit list will print the same list in the CLI.

See Also

have_outfit() | outfit_pieces() | is_wearing_outfit() | get_custom_outfits()