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This is a list of well written scripts that are currently being maintained for the latest version of KoL and KoLmafia. All scripts on this list are free and certified safe for use without any hidden costs or malicious code. If these scripts become outdated for very long or any security risks are found they will be removed from this list, so users should feel free to make use of them.

Of course it is possible that one of these scripts can cause trouble for the user if they are not used properly, so please read the opening post in each thread linked before using that script.

Turn-Burning Scripts

autoBasement - (download here) Author: Rinn

  • Automates delving into Fernswarthy's Basement.

bounty - (download here) Author: izchak, dj_d and zarqon

  • Automates the bounty gathering quest.
  • In conjunction with SmartStasis combat script (below) it will also olfact the monster for the bounty.

CounterChecker - (download here) Author: Bale

  • Automates semi-rare acquisition, use of dance cards and a few other counter related activities.

Dwarven Factory - (download here) Author: That FN Ninja

  • Automates the optional Dwarven Factory quest.

MacGuffin - (download here) Author: zarqon

  • Automation for the L11 MacGuffin Quest.

One-Click Wossname - (download here) Author: zarqon

  • A complete script for completing the L12 Island War quest.
  • It allows you to chose the medal you are rewarded with, including a Wossname.

Rinn's Quest Scripts - (download here) Author: Rinn

  • Automation for most of the game's quests.

Slime Tube Adventuring Script - (download here) Author: Alhifar

  • Complete automation for the Slime Tube.
  • You set up the outfits for maximum ML and minimum ML. The script then switches between them.
  • It even allows you to chose to kill or tatter slimes.
  • The variety of options allows every type of Slime Tube play, even a slimeling run, to be automated.

Relay Override Scripts

clan_basement.ash - (download here) Author: Heeheehee

  • Sorts dungeon loot by boss, presenting Hobopolis loot before Slime Tube loot.

pyramid.ash - (download here) Author: Heeheehee

  • Disables potentially harmful links in the Pyramid.

shore.ash - (download here) Author: lostcalpolydude and Bale

  • When you take a vacation it reminds you of which shore items you might need for floor 6 of the Sorceress' Tower.
  • It uses the telescope to determine the exact item needed if you have a full scope.
  • It also keeps you from taking a vacation when you need the the forged documents 'cause it sucks to accidently lose those 3 adventures.

Telescope Information - (download here) Author: Bale

  • When you look through the telescope at your campsite it will explain what monsters you will meet at the lair and the item to defeat them.
  • Tells you if you have the items. If you need any items it tells you where to find them.

woods.ash - (download here) Author: Bale

  • Gets the Continuum Transfunctioner automatically on your first visit to the woods. You will not need to click anything, it just happens.

User Interface Scripts

These scripts are a special type of relay override scripts in that they create pages that do not exist as part of KoL. They are prefixed by "relay_" and must be placed in the user's \relay directory. These scripts are accessed via the "-run script-" dropdown menu in the relay browser.

Daily Info - (download here) Author: Icon315

  • This script shows you the daily information such as the moons' effects on various modifiers, current stat day and Daily Dungeon rooms.

relay_SlimeTube - (download here) Author: Bale

  • Adapted from Alhifar's Slime Tube Adventuring Script; does everything the original script does.
  • Adds a UI to enable the user to easily configure the Slime Tube script without having to modify the base script.

ZLib Variable Editor - (download here) Author: Heeheehee

  • This script provides a more user-friendly interface for modifying ZLib variables. Will eventually be deprecated by zarqon's WOSSMAN.

The WOSSMAN - (download here) Author: zarqon

  • Wikified Online Script Settings Manager. Provides a convenient method for editing ZLib variables. Since this script was released by the author of ZLib, this is essentially the official ZLib variable editor. However, it is still in development, and not entirely functional for certain data types.

Custom Combat Scripts

SmartStasis - (download here) Author: zarqon

  • Handles a wide variety of custom actions at the beginning of combat, such as pickpocketing, olfaction, spooky putty, pirate insults, identifying potions and spheres, banishing unwanted monsters, and much more.
  • Stasis monsters for a variety of reasons: starfishing, hobo monkey meat.
  • Notices when the monkey steals and recognizes if your slimeling or other chargeable starfish is out of juice and ends stasis.
  • Quest related stasis: Using molybdenum magnet on the correct gremlin, getting essences in Seaside Megalopolis, learning rave dance moves Outside the Club, stasising seal pups until they wail.
  • Uses disco combos and rave combos when they improve your profit.

WHAM (Winterbay's Helpful Automated Monsterbasher - (download here) Author: Winterbay

  • Picks up where SmartStasis leaves off and finishes off the monster.
  • Intelligently chooses between your available attack options for an efficient slaughter that doesn't waste MP or get you killed.

Buff Upkeep Scripts

acquireBuff - (download here) Author: Rinn

  • Gets a buff from a buffbot without needing to know the bot's name or pricelist.

Best Between Battle Script Ever - (download here) Author: zarqon

  • Executes between battles in automatic adventuring.
  • Adjusts choice adventures, adjusts MCD for current moxie, auto-tames turtles.

hatter.ash - (download here) Author: That FN Ninja

  • To get a specific Mad Hatter buff painlessly.

Universal Recovery - (download here) Author: Bale

  • Improves mafia's automated recovery to make best use of all items in hardcore/ronin or conserve meat if you have mall access.
  • Keeps spare mp healing items on-hand in case they are needed in combat.
  • Conserves healing items for use against your Shadow.
  • Removes poison and keeps some extra antidotes for use in combat.

VIP Hopping - (download here) Author: Bale

  • Hops over the clan Bonus Adventures from Hell to get something from their VIP Lounge, then it hops back to your regular clan.
  • Enables access to all VIP Lounge amenities and the ballpit without needing to spend time in BaFH.
  • If you don't have a membership in Bonus Adventures from Hell, it submits a request to join the clan so that you can get access to a fully stocked VIP Lounge for free.

Item Handling Scripts

Misshappen Animal Skeleton Familiar/Checker/Buyer - (download here) Author: eitak

  • This script uses framework from Spiny Twizzler's Tiny Plastic Series 1 & 2 Checker script and facilitates the automated acquisition of the Misshapen Animal Skeleton. There are some settings you can tweak within the script itself to suit your needs.

PriceAdvisor - (download here) Author: aqualectrix

  • Gives advice on how to maximize profit from an item.

Rainbow Gravitation made easy - (download here) Author: Bale

  • In hardcore/ronin it handles automatic wad transmutation to enable easy creation of Rainbow Wads.
  • With mall access, it will purchase necessary wads to use daily casts of Rainbow Gravitation.

Scripting the birth of a new life - (download here) Author: Bale

  • Sets optimal choice adventures based on current class for your ascension. Perfect to run at the beginning of a new life.
  • Automates simple tasks that are always run at the beginning of a new life like pulling your VIP Lounge Key and visiting the Toot Oriole.

Informational Scripts

bumcheekcity's Easy Wiki Snapshot Maker - (download here) Author: bumcheekcity

  • This script will collect information about your character and generate a profile to display on bumcheekcity's website.

EatDrink.ash: Optimize your daily diet - (best download here) - (outdated official thread here) Author: dj_d and fronobulax

  • Tries to find an optimal diet for a given value of an adventure.
  • Can be run in simulation mode, just to see what it would do.
  • Since dj_d is taking a leave of absence, fronobulax has temporarily taken up maintenance of this script.

StDoodle's Custom Daily Deeds - (download here) Author: StDoodle

  • Tracks many events that have limited uses, from pool table to pasta summoning.

Slime Vial Recipes - (download here) Author: jasonharper

  • This script will help you get the Color Wheel of Yuck trophy by checking your discoveries list and mixing the vials in your inventory to create slime potions you do not know.

Tiny Plastic Series 1 & 2 Checker - (download here) Author: Spiny Twizzler

  • Its default behaviour is informational to help you acquire your Tiny Plastic Trophy and/or Two-Tiered Tiny Plastic Trophy. You may optionally edit the preferences in the script to shop for missing trophies for you with a budget that you set yourself.

What are you worth? - (download here) Author: dj_d and zarqon

  • This calculates the current value of all items you own and informs you of what you are worth.

Script Libraries

These scripts are libraries of functions that are required components of other scripts. By themselves they do little or nothing. Expect to download them when directed in a script's instructions, or if you want to be a scripter, then study them and learn.

BatBrain - (download here) Author: zarqon

  • Library of functions intended to greatly simplify writing a consult script.

HTMLform - (download here) Author: jasonharper

SmashLib - (download here) Author: aqualectrix

  • Determines the results of pulverizing equipment and reports it for use by scripts or aliases.

ZLib - (download here) Author: zarqon

  • Ultimate toolbox of scripting functions for math, string manipulation, version checking, automatic mapfile updating, persistent variables, adventuring, kmailing and so much more. Many scripts require this.


Clan Hopping - (download here) Author: Bale

  • Hop to a whitelisted clan quickly and easily from the CLI.