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Mafia has several features that aren't listed in the preferences. In order to enable these features you have to change properties with a CLI command. To issue a CLI command simply type the listed command in the text entry box at the bottom of the "Graphical CLI" window. Capitalization counts, so copy/paste is recommended.

Beep on Private Message

You can instruct chat to beep if you receive a private message. If this is enabled it will affect all characters. To enable this, issue the CLI command:

set chatBeep = true

Most Recently Used Script Menu

You can alter your script menu to only show the most recently used scripts. This is enabled by setting scriptMRULength to a value greater than zero. When enabled the Script menu will contain (at most) scriptMRULength entries with the most frequently used script at the top. This list is automatically refreshed or can be manually refreshed by using the Refresh menu option. Scripts that are not on the list can be run by using the Load script option. This is enabled on a per character basis.

set scriptMRULength  = 10

will enable the feature and set the length of the menu to 10. Although it is not enforced by the code, it is suggested that values greater than 45 or thereabouts be avoided. Note that the list is case sensitive. If your operating system allows you to invoke the file Ascend.ash by typing ascend then it is possible that both "Ascend" and "ascend" will appear on the list. Note also that the definition of "used" includes run from the Scripts menu, run from the gCLI or called from a running script using the "call" command.

Save window size

You can save the size of the KoLmafia window. This is especially useful for people with smaller monitors. This prefernece is character specific so you will need to use the following CLI command for each character.

set rememberDesktopSize = true

When it is not set, KoLmafia will determine the size of windows at startup. In the case of variable sized windows (such as the panel containing Daily Deeds) the computed size is too big for small displays. Setting this to true will remember the last size of the main window and use it instead of a computed size.