In-combat Consulting

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For general information on In-Combat Consulting, see Consult Scripts

buffer attack()

buffer steal()

buffer runaway()

buffer throw_item( item )

buffer throw_items( item, item )

These five functions return the html response from sending the appropriate url request for the associated action while in battle.

buffer use_skill( [int], skill )

Will loop the specified number of times using the specified skill, never reconsulting the script until the loop is complete.

element monster_element()

Returns the element that the monster is aligned with.

int monster_attack()

int monster_defense()

int monster_hp()

int monster_initiative()

Returns the specified (current?) stat of the monster.

phylum monster_phylum()

Returns the phylum of the monster.

buffer get_ccs_action( int )

Returns the specified line from the CCS section appropriate for the monster currently being fought. [1]

boolean will_usually_miss()

boolean will_usually_dodge()

Returns if you will normally miss or be missed in battle.

int expected_damage()

Returns the amount of damage you are expected to take each round.

familiar my_effective_familiar()

If familiar is mutable, this is its current form.

familiar my_discomomentum()

Current value of disco momentum built up in combat by Disco Dancing as a Disco Bandit.

skill stun_skill()

Character's skill to use for stunning a monster.

element dad_sea_monkee_weakness( int )

Returns the elemental weakness of Dad Sea Monkee for a given round of combat.