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Now we are going to fight a foe using a Mafia script instead of our standard method. It is very easy!

1) In the Mafia frame with the Adventure Top Tab active, click the 'Custom Combat' Bottom Tab. At the top of that bottom tab there is a pulldown that is labeled 'Action:'. It defaults to 'Attack with Weapon'. Not surprisingly, when auto-combat is activated the script will keep attacking until the combat is over. By clicking this pulldown, you can choose several other options, based on what your character has available. For example, you can have it spam Thrust-Smack, or cast a spell, or whatever. For now, either stick with weapon-attack, or casting a low MP offensive spell.

You can click in the bar below labeled 'Special:' to set up conditional beginning-of-fight actions. For example, as a Moxie-Class, an option is for Mafia to automatically pickpocket all non-bosses if you win initiative. If you are a moxie-class, pick this option. You could also tell Mafia to always cast Entangling Noodles. When selected, a corresponding symbol shows up in the Special Box. Note that the option is ignored if you don't meet the requirements (for example, asking for Noodles when you don't have the skill).

Lesson4 actions.png

2) In your relay browser, go fight something easy but takes a few rounds to kill. If you use Combat Action Bars, click the 'Script' button.

Lesson4 CAB.png
If you don't use action bars, Mafia adds several buttons for easier combat and the 'Script' will be one of them.
Lesson4 KolCbt.png

3) The script will execute, which will pickpocket if possible (if you are a Moxie class, noodle if Myst,etc.), and then spam the default action until the fight is over. Cool huh? No more clicking the Attack button 6 times every fight! If you run out of mana, it will default to a weapon attack. (more on this later).

You will notice the fight will go a lot faster too in that it will appear to 'skip rounds'. This is because KoLmafia can send commands and receive results back faster than your browser will refresh. Hence a 12 round fight may only take 3 or 4 refreshes. This speeds up fighting significantly. It is also easier on the server.

Important note: In the latest versions of KoLmafia (> 14.0), all repetitive actions are now converted into Combat Macros. This has a few advantages and disadvantages. You will no longer skip rounds; the result of each and every round is now displayed for you. Entering a combat macro is a bit easier on the server since it only takes a single server action. However, you have to scroll to the very bottom to see the final round results (or click the link) which can be very irritating if the combat is several rounds long. Plus, you can no longer tell if combat is going poorly and quickly 'abort' when auto-adventuring. (Best example of this is against a physical immune where you can see the rounds dragging on as you do 1 point per round). At this time, I don't know if there is any option of using the conventional method.

BOTTOM LINE: You can save clicks and reduce lag by using the Script button to fight easy battles for you.

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