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These zones were easy and you should not have lost any significant HP/MP. This will not always be the case.

Mafia can (and WILL!) automatically recover HPs and MPs in-between encounters. In some cases it will even restore in combat! You probably don't want Mafia running off buying stuff to heal you or using precious semi-rare consumables. Therefore, we need to get Mafia under control.

Since the first posting of this guide, the Mafia creators have switched to much more conservative defaults to prevent Mafia from doing 'unexpected stuff' which flusters newbies. This is a good thing as I uttered many an unrepeatable oath while trying to figure out what the heck Mafia was doing at times. Anyways, it is still worth going through this lesson.

  1. Click the 'HP/MP Usage' tab in Mafia Frame when the Adventure tab is active. It will give you a painfully detailed listing of whether it will automatically use HP/MP recovery in between adventures.
  2. I personally do not want Mafia to recover MP and health automatically. I recommend the following settings:
    • Stop Automation - N/A. This aborts auto-adventuring if Mafia cannot recover you.
    • Restore your Health - Set both dropdowns to 'Do not recover health'.
    • Mana Burning - set to 'Do not rebalance buffs' for now. This uses 'excess MP' to recast your buffs. Great if you have MP-restore items or familiars, so you don't have to keep manually recasting buffs.
    • Restore your Mana - Set to 'Do not auto-recover mana'.
    • It is not a bad idea to uncheck all the various recovery boxes that might be checked.
Lesson7 HpMpUsage.png

Bonus) Ok, lets say you want to explore this functionality a bit more. Say you are a Seal Clubber with Tongue of the Otter which is a healing spell. Say you have a Cocoabo or other MP-restoring familiar or item. You expect to take some light to moderate damage in a zone, but not enough to use full Restores. Let's look at how you would set this up to have Mafia heal you.

  • Under 'Stop Automation', set to Stop if auto-recovery fails. This means that Mafia will stop auto-adventuring if it is unable to recover your HP/MP as specified.
  • Under Restore Your Health, the first drop-down indicates how low your HP percentage drops before Mafia tries to heal you. Set to 80%.
  • The second Health dropdown indicates how much Mafia tries to heal you once triggered. Set to 90% as you don't want Mafia to waste healing if you are at 99% when it is trying to recover you to 100%.
  • Let's keep Mana Burning left alone. We will be using our excess MP to heal, not rebuff.
  • Leave Restore Your Mana controls disabled.

Now you need to go set 'Tongue of the Otter' under the various restores. Uncheck everything else.

You are now set up. After every fight, if you are below 80%, it will cast Tongue until you are at 90% or higher. If you don't have the MP to cast Tongue under the set conditions, Mafia will abort auto-adventuring. Then you can manually heal, restore MP, change the Restore settings, or manually adventure.

BOTTOM LINE: You can decide whether to have KoLmafia auto-recover health and mana for you. I prefer to retain manual control over it for the most part. However under certain conditions it is extremely helpful.

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