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This lesson is a quick one just to standardize my terminology. You dont have to remember all this. The ONLY goal is so you have an idea where I am referring to if I say "Click the Main MenuBar" for example.

Bring up the KolMafia main frame if minimized. I will refer to the following conventions when discussing various parts of it.

  • Main MenuBar - This appears at the top of the screen and has "General Tools People Travel Quests Scripts Window Help" categories. When you click on a category, various sub-categories appear as dropdowns.
  • Top Icons - These are the 20 or so icons at the top of the kolmafia screen. Clicking them generally takes you to various sub-frames for specific tasks.
  • Character Display - At the left hand side shows all your character information.
  • Top Tabs - These are "Adventure Graphical CLI Purchaces Gear Changer Skill Caster". These tabs are clickable to show different functionality.
  • StatusBar - When the ADVENTURE tab is active, this is the big horizontal bar in the middle of the frame that shows the status of the current or last action taken.
  • Bottom Tabs - In certain modes, other tabs are active and show different capabilities. When the Adventure tab is active, you will see bottom tabs showing "Overview Choice Advs HP/MP Usage Mood Setup Custom Combat".

BOTTOM LINE: Now you know what my terminology means.

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