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This lesson is important to keep Mafia from doing stuff you don't want it to. In the latest 13.9 version, the developer has set much more conservative defaults so this is not as necessary. Still, lets go through the major options.

1) Under the main menubar under General, click Preferences. This pops up a tabbed browser with tons and tons of preferences and options.

2) You probably took one look at all of it, said 'Oh @&%$!' and closed it. It's all good... Re-open them. :-)

3) Make sure we are on the General tab of the options:

4) The first interesting option is "Auto-Remove malignant status effects". You might want Mafia to not use restoratives to remove bad conditions. On the other hand, a newer player might keep this, since they don't know what restores which condition anyways...

5) I recommend Protect against accidental ten-leaf clover. This warns you when you are about to enter a zone which would use a ten-leaf clover. As a noob, I've wasted many clovers in this way before Mafia came along.

6) I recommend allowing mafia to buy from NPC stores. This gives you a lot more flexibility when creating drinks and food since Mafia will know that they can buy fruits and other components from the NPC as necessary.

7) I would keep Buy from the Mall turned off. You MIGHT want to turn this on for short periods, such as when creating a bartender/chef in a box. Note that Mafia will never buy anything worth more than 20,000 meat which provides a safety feature.

8) Your clan probably has a karma limit and several rules. Hence, uncheck Taking items from clan stash, as this can lead to nastygrams from your clan!

9) Under the Browser tab, do NOT check the wiki option, as every item you click will pop up a full page wiki entry, constrained to a tiny 4 inch item display. Not cool. You can use the right-click menu of your account options to lookup stuff anyways.

10) Under 'Main Tabs', you can actually customize which Mafia functions appear. If you dragged Item Manager for example from the Complete List to the Startup in Tabs, then it would be accessible as a Tab instead of you having to specifically pull it up. Once you get the hang of Mafia better, you might want to add a commonly used tool to the Tabs.

11) Ignore Breakfast for now. This will be the next session.

BOTTOM LINE: It is important to know some of the key options to constrain Mafia.