Math and Numbers

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int ceil( float )

Returns the next highest value of the specified number as an integer.

int floor( float )

Returns the next lowest value of the specified number as an integer.

boolean is_integer( string )

Reports whether a string is an integer.

int min( int, int )

float min( float, float )

Returns the lower of two numbers.

int max( int, int )

float max( float, float )

Returns the higher of two numbers.

float expression_eval( string )

float monster_eval( string )

float modifier_eval( string )

Evaluates a mathematical expression.

int random( int )

Generates a random integer between 0 and 1 less than the specified number, inclusive.

int round( float )

Returns the value of the specified number as rounded to the nearest integer.

float square_root( float )

Returns the square root of the specified value.

int truncate( float )

Returns the decimal-stripped value of the specified number as an integer.

float log_n( float, [float] )

Returns the natural log of the first argument, or with the base of the second argument is specified