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Function Syntax

element monster_element()

element monster_element(monster check_me )

  • check_me is the (optional) monster to get the elemental alignment of

Returns the elemental alignment of the specified monster check_me. If check_me is not specified, it defaults to the last monster you encountered.

This function can be used from within an In-combat Consulting script to help determine your fight strategy. When used this way, it isn't necessary to specify a monster, as the function will default to the one currently being fought.

Sample Code

This example attempts to find element(s) that the monster being fought right now is weak against.

boolean [element] weak_elements;

switch (monster_element())
   case $element[cold]:   weak_elements = $elements[spooky, hot];    break;
   case $element[spooky]: weak_elements = $elements[hot, stench];    break;
   case $element[hot]:    weak_elements = $elements[stench, sleaze]; break;
   case $element[stench]: weak_elements = $elements[sleaze, cold];   break;
   case $element[sleaze]: weak_elements = $elements[cold, spooky];   break;

See Also

monster_attack() | monster_defense() | monster_initiative() | monster_hp()


If no monster is specified and no monster has been fought in this session, this function returns $element[none]. This is because mafia forgets the value of last_monster() when it logs out.