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For information about how Mafia will automate various quests for you (past the normal adventuring automation and choosing of choice adventures), see here:

Council Quests

Level 1

There are no quests here.

Level 2

No special automation.

Level 3

The "tavern" CLI command will automatically adventure at the tavern (randomizing the squares at which it adventures) until it finds the faucet, at which point it will stop without turning it off.

Level 4

No special automation, but Mafia will remind you about setting the MCD for particular boss drops when fighting the boss bat.

Level 5

Mafia will automatically use the perfume for you when you adventure in the Goblin King's Lair without the effect active. It will also equip the Harem Outfit for you and remind you about setting the MCD for the boss fight.

Level 6

No special automation.

Level 7

No special automation.

Level 8

No special automation, though mafia will highlight squares in the Itznotyerzitz Mine that are sparkling with large "DIG" signs.

Level 9

When adventuring in the Orc Chasm, if the condition "64735 scroll" is set, then mafia will automatically try to create one if fighting an adding machine. If not, there is an option to have mafia automatically create 31337 scrolls if you have the required components.

Level 10

No special automation.

Level 11

Black Forest

Mafia will automatically create the blackbird, equip it, use the black market map and the re-equip the familiar you had before when you use the black market map (either through the CLI, relay browser or Mafia interface).


Mafia automatically works out which dusty bottles of wine you need and will out from what corners they are dropped. It will also number the bottles in the drop-down indicating in which order you need to pour them in. Mafia also has an option to automatically adventure in the basement, alternating between corners until it works out where the bottles of wine are.


Mafia automatically arranges the items on the shelves for you, and will do this through the relay browser or auto-adventuring.

Hidden City

The Stone Spheres are tracked when used in combat, and automatically selected in the drop-down for the altars.

Level 12

Mafia will mark the side-quests as done with the letters "F" and "H" for Frat and Hippy respectively, and also tracks the number of enemies killed on each side, indicating the amount killed and remaining after each battle, and also alerting you to when the other side-quests are unlocked.

Level 13

Mafia will automate almost everything about this quest.

Essential Non-Council Quests


Mafia will track how many pirate insults you know, and will automatically select the right choice in the Beer Pong adventure. Also, if you are adventuring in the F'c'le with all three of the items, mafia will automatically use them for you, to get the pirate fledges.

Mafia will not autocomplete the blueprints for you, but you can use the alias command to almost do this. By copy+pasting the following code in the CLI:

alias dentures => checkpoint; acquire 3 hot wing; equip frilly skirt; ashq if(closet_amount($item[hot wing])>=3) take_closet(3, $item[hot wing]); visit_url("inv_use.php?which=3&whichitem=2951&pwd"); visit_url("choice.php?whichchoice=188&option=3&choiceform3=Catburgle&pwd"); outfit("checkpoint");

You will then be able to type dentures into the CLI whenever you want the dentures. It will equip the frilly skirt (useful especially if your sign opened up Degrassi Knoll), choose the right choice in the blueprints item, and re-equips your pants again.

Non-Essential Quests

Other Miscellaneous Automation or Help


Mafia will automate this substantially. For more information, see the Basement page.

Barrel Full of Barrels

Unlocking the Spookyraven Gallery

Mafia handles the two choice adventures in the library in a non-standard fashion. If you've selected "reveal key in conservatory" in the "Fall of Spookyraven" choiceadv, but have already done that, it will unlock the stairs instead. If you try to unlock the stairs, but that's already done, it will choose the "skip adventure" option.