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A Bug Report is submitted when KoLmafia is doing the wrong thing because of a coding error, design flaw or some other oversight on the part of a developer.

A Feature Request is submitted when KoLmafia is functioning as designed but a user would like it to so something different.

New Content is reported when something is added to or changed in KoL itself and KoLmafia could/should be changed to support that.

A Bug Report, Feature Request or New Content notification can be made by starting a new thread at

There are several prefixes appended to threads in that section. Non-Moderators should only use Bug, Feature or New Content. The Moderators will change the prefix to indicate status.

  • Bug - Confirmed indicates that someone other than the original reporter has been able to reproduce the bug.
  • Bug - Not a Bug indicates that the behavior described as a Bug is actually what KoLmafia is supposed to be doing.
  • Bug - Won't Fix indicates that bug exists but no changes will be made to fix it.
  • Bug - Fixed indicates that code to fix the bug has been written and checked in to SourceForge, thus making it part of the next build.
  • Bug - Cannot Reproduce indicates that no one besides the original reporter knows how to make the bug happen.
  • Bug - Waiting for Info indicates that a developer has asked questions about the report and is waiting for the reporter to answer.

For both Feature and New Content

  • Implemented means that KoLmafia has been changed in response.
  • Rejected means that no code has been changed and none is likely to do so.
  • Features are often rejected if it is something that can easily be done or has already been done, in a script.

The prefixes and the implied workflow are sometimes to developer's looking for tasks and developers planning releases.

It is worth reading before submitting reports.

This thread contains some discussion which led to the creation of this page.