Skills and Effects

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boolean have_skill( skill )

Reports if you currently have access to the specified skill.

int have_effect( effect )

Returns the number of turns your character has of the specified effect (does not cover intrinsics).

int [effect] my_effects()

Returns an array of the character's current effects and their durations.

int mp_cost( skill )

Returns the MP cost of the specified skill (0 for passives); accounts for current MP reduction effects.

int adv_cost( skill )

Returns the adventure cost for using a skill.

int soulsauce_cost( skill )

Returns the soulsauce cost of the specified Soul Saucery skill.

int thunder_cost( skill )

Returns the dB cost of the specified Thunder skill.

int rain_cost( skill )

Returns the drop cost of the specified Rain skill.

int lightning_cost( skill )

Returns the bolt cost of the specified Lightning skill.

int mana_cost_modifier()

Returns the amount of MP reduction available.

int combat_mana_cost_modifier()

Returns the amount of MP reduction available in combat.

int turns_per_cast( skill )

Returns the number of turns each cast of the specified skill will give you.

boolean use_skill( int, skill, [string] )

Casts a given skill as many times as specified, optionally on a specified target (as applicable).

string [int] get_moods()

Returns a list of all moods defined for this character.

string last_skill_message()

Returns message that KoL reports in the event of error.

boolean restore_hp( int )

Uses KoLmafia's current settings to restore the specified amount of HP.

boolean restore_mp( int )

Uses KoLmafia's current settings to restore the specified amount of MP.