String Handling Routines

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string to_lower_case( string )

Converts all upper-case alphabetic characters to lower-case.

string to_upper_case( string )

Converts all lower-case alphabetic characters to upper-case.

string to_url( location )

Returns the url which is accessed to visit the specified location.

int extract_meat( string )

Returns the number of meat embedded in a string.

int [item] extract_items()

Parses a string for items and their amounts (handles plural & singular forms) and returns the results as a map.

int length( string )

Returns the number of characters in the specified string.

string char_at( string, index )

Returns the character at a specified index in a string.

string substring( string, int, [int] )

Returns the substring of the specified string, starting from a specified position, and optionally ending before a specified position (defaults to remainder of string).

buffer replace_string( buffer, string, string )

buffer replace_string( string, string, string )

Replaces all text in the first string that matches the second with the third.

buffer replace( buffer, int, int, string )

Replaces all text from the first index to the second index with the supplied string.

string url_encode( string )

Converts a string into a URL formatted string.

string url_decode( string )

Converts a URL formatted string into regular text.

string [int] split_string( string, [string] )

Splits apart the first string at line-breaks or using an optionally supplied delimeter and returns an integer-keyed map of the result.

string [int] session_logs( [string], int )

Gives access to sessions logs. And stuff. [1]

buffer append( buffer, string )

Appends the string to the end of the buffer.

void set_length( buffer, int )

Changes the length of a buffer.

buffer delete( buffer, int, int )

Deletes the specified portion of the buffer.

buffer insert( buffer, int, string )

Inserts the string at the specified point in the buffer.

Substring Search

boolean contains_textstring, string )

Returns true if the first string contains the second string.

boolean ends_withstring, string )

Checks whether a string ends with a suffix string. (case-sensitive)

int index_ofstring, string, int? )

Returns the position of the second string in the first (or -1 if not found), optionally starting its search from a given position.

int last_index_ofstring, string, int? )

Returns the last index of the second string in the first, or -1 if no match is found.

boolean starts_withstring, string )

Checks whether a string starts with a prefix string. (case-sensitive)

Regular Expressions

It is advised that anyone desiring to use these functions should first understand the basics of Regular Expressions and how these functions implement that language.

matcher create_matcher( string, string )

Creates a matcher from a pattern and input string.

matcher reset( matcher, [string] )

Resets matcher to search from beginning of string, possibly with new input.

int group_count( matcher )

Returns the number of capturing groups in the pattern.

string [int,int] group_string( string, string )

Maps a string to an aggregate (see page for details). [2]

int start( matcher, [int] )

Returns the starting index of the previous or specified capturing group.

int end( matcher, [int] )

Returns the ending index of the previous or specified capturing group plus 1.

boolean find( matcher )

Finds the next instance of the pattern or returns false if no more matches exist.

string group( matcher, [int] )

Returns the contents of an indicated capturing group (starting at 1) or the entire pattern if not indicated.

string replace_all( matcher, string )

Replaces all pattern matches with a given string.

string replace_first( matcher, string )

Replaces the first pattern match with a given string.

buffer append_replacement( matcher, buffer, string )

buffer append_tail( matcher, buffer )

Appends the text returned by a matcher to the end of the buffer.