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Uses the named parameters title, description and code to display a code block & its information.

Note that only code is required; the title and description are optional.


Wiki markup Result
title=Sample Code|
description=Some basic sample code.|
<syntaxhighlight lang="d" line>
int i = 1; //this line is useless!
if (to_int(my_id()) > 1) {
   print("Aw, I guess you aren't Jick.");
Here is how you show a return value:
"Aw, I guess you aren't Jick.");

Sample Code

Some basic sample code.

1 int i = 1; //this line is useless!
2 if (to_int(my_id()) > 1) {
3    print("Aw, I guess you aren't Jick.");
4 }
Here is how you show a return value:
Aw, I guess you aren't Jick.

Read Me

Please keep the following in mind when adding a code sample:

  • Tabs display poorly in the <syntaxhighlight> tag. Please use 3 spaces for ASH, 2 spaces for JS.
    • Yes, some people have other preferences; I'm not going to tell you how to write your own scripts
    • In order to make the wiki as easy-to-use as possible, it's important to keep to ONE standard, please
  • Please make sure there is one code sample (the 1st) that is as short & to-the-point as is possible.
  • Please make sure that testing the code sample won't be significantly negative to the user; these are designed as hands-on examples
    • For instance, if you must autosell items in the sample, choose something cheap
    • Do NOT include anything that could cause "permanent" damage!
  • Please follow other conventions used on other code samples as much as possible
  • Please avoid using cli_execute() if there is a built-in ash function
  • Please note that incredibly long lines will break formatting on smaller screens; break things up if needed
  • Do not modify a code sample purely to "add your own mark" to a page; if it illustrates the function, leave it be