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Function Syntax

void abortstring? message = "Script aborted." )

Immediately halts the current script and all queued functions.
  • message: (optional) abort message to show in the gCLI

This function is often used for basic error handling.

Code Samples

This code will abort the script if run by the "wrong" character.

if ( my_name() != "MrPicky" )
   abort( "I don't want you to run this script, mister!" );

An example of abort() used for error-handling.

float mass = 5.0;
float volume = some_function(); // where some_function() may return 0.0
float density;
if ( volume_cf == 0 )
   abort( "Error: Division by zero requested." );
   density = mass / volume;

CLI Equivalent

Also available as the CLI command "abort," which will not be queued (similarly stops execution of all remaining commands when parsed).