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Function Syntax

void abort()

void abort(string message )

  • message is the (optional) abort message (in place of "KoLmafia declares world peace.")

Halts all queued functions and the entire script it is called from. Often used for error-handling.

Code Samples

This code will abort the script if run by the "wrong" character.

if (my_name() != "MrPicky") {
  abort("I don't want you to run this script, mister!");

An example of abort() used for error-handling.

float mass = 5.0;
float volume = some_function(); //where some_function() may return 0.0
float density;
if (volume_cf == 0) {
  abort("Error: Division by zero requested.");
} else {
  density = mass / volume;

CLI Equivalent

Also available as the CLI command "abort," which will not be queued (similarly stops execution of all remaining commands when parsed).