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Function Syntax

boolean boolean_modifier(string str )

boolean boolean_modifier(item it ,string str )

  • it is the (optional) item in question
  • str is the modifier name

Accesses fields of your current modifiers for all of your current equipment and effects. This is the same mechanism that lets mafia decide whether you can adventure underwater, or how many songs you can keep in your head.

For a list of fields that this function takes, see Modifiers.

Simple Examples

Tells you if you can adventure underwater or not.

if(!(boolean_modifier("Adventure Underwater"))||!(boolean_modifier("Underwater Familiar"))) {
   print("You can't adventure underwater.", "red");
   print("Either you won't be able to breathe, or your familiar won't.","red");
print("You can adventure underwater.");

Informs the player of how many accordion thief songs he can have active at one time.

boolean four_songs = boolean_modifier("four songs");
   # plexiglass pendant and/or brimstone beret grant 4 songs total.
boolean extra_song = boolean_modifier("additional song");
   # La Hebilla del Cinturón de Lopez adds one song
int max_songs = 3 + to_int(four_songs) + to_int(extra_song);
print("You can currently hold "+ max_songs +" songs in your head at a time.");

See Also

effect_modifier() | numeric_modifier() | string_modifier()