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Function Syntax

boolean change_mcd(int mcd_level )

  • mcd_level is an integer between 0 and 10 (11 in Little Canadia) to change your sign-specific mind control device to (the device that alters monster level).

Attempts to change your mind-control device (MCD) to the specified level, returning true if successful. Attempting to change the MCD to an impossible number will generate this abort error: "The dial only goes from 0 to 10." (11 in Little Canadia).

Code Samples

The following function attempts to set your MCD to the maximum.

boolean mcd_max() {
   int maxmcd = 10;
   if(canadia_available()) {
      maxmcd = 11;
   if(current_mcd() == maxmcd) {
      return true;
   return change_mcd(maxmcd);

See Also

current_mcd() | canadia_available()


When not logged in, this function returns false.