Creatable turns

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Function Syntax

int creatable_turns(item check_me )

int creatable_turns(item check_me ,int qty )

int creatable_turns(item check_me ,int qty ,boolean free )

  • check_me is the item to check
  • qty is the quantity of check_me to check
  • free determines whether or not to account for free crafting turns

Returns the number of turns required to craft check_me (qty times, or 1). If free is true, this function will take into account free crafting from things like Rapid Prototyping or Thor's Pliers, but will always take into account the chef-in-the-box, bartender-in-the-box, and Innabox regardless of the boolean setting. For things that your character cannot craft due to a lack of skills (but not a lack of items), this function will return 0.

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