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Function Syntax

matcher create_matcher(string regex ,string input )

  • regex is the regular expression to use
  • input is the string to search with a regular expression

Creates a matcher from a pattern and input string.

Code Sample

The following code will check if you are entitled to any new trophies and if so will attempt to buy them.

string trophypage = visit_url("trophy.php");
matcher trophymatcher = create_matcher("name\=whichtrophy.*?value\=(.*?)\>",trophypage);
while (find(trophymatcher)){
   if (my_meat() >= 10000) {
      string buytrophy=visit_url("trophy.php?action=buytrophy&whichtrophy="+group(trophymatcher,1),true);
   } else {
      print("Not enough meat","red");

See Also

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