Dad sea monkee weakness

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Function Syntax

element dad_sea_monkee_weakness(int round )

  • round is the round of combat in question

Returns the elemental weakness of Dad Sea Monkee for a given round of combat. This only works for rounds 1 to 10. Note that the "round" parameter of a CCS refers to the round that just ended, not the round that the next attack will be made on. If that value is "0", the element of your next attack should be



Code Sample

Print a description of how to kill the current Dad Sea Monkee.

skill element_to_skill( int round ) {
   switch( dad_sea_monkee_weakness(round) ) {
   case $element[hot]:    return $skill[Awesome Balls of Fire];
   case $element[cold]:   return $skill[Snowclone];
   case $element[stench]: return $skill[Eggsplosion];
   case $element[sleaze]: return $skill[Grease Lightning];
   case $element[spooky]: return $skill[Raise Backup Dancer];
   case $element[none]:   return $skill[Toynado];

for i from 1 to 10
   print( "On round "+ i +" cast " + element_to_skill(i) )

See Also

get_ccs_action() | monster_element()