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Function Syntax

element dad_sea_monkee_weakness(int round )

  • round is the round of combat in question

Returns the elemental weakness of Dad Sea Monkee for a given round of combat. This only works for rounds 1 to 10.

Code Sample

Print a description of how to kill the current Dad Sea Monkee.

skill element_to_skill( int round ) {
   switch( dad_sea_monkee_weakness(round) ) {
   case $element[hot]:    return $skill[Awesome Balls of Fire];
   case $element[cold]:   return $skill[Snowclone];
   case $element[stench]: return $skill[Eggsplosion];
   case $element[sleaze]: return $skill[Grease Lightning];
   case $element[spooky]: return $skill[Raise Backup Dancer];
   case $element[none]:   return $skill[Toynado];

for i from 1 to 10
   print( "On round "+ i +" cast " + element_to_skill(i) )

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