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This data type represents any effect you can be under in KoL, whether from items, skills, or what-have-you.

The full range, besides $effect[ none ], is too much to list and keep up with here: please see the Wiki Effects page for more information.

Related Functions

effect effect_modifier( string, string )

effect effect_modifier( item, string )

int have_effect( effect )

familiar my_effective_familiar()

int [effect] my_effects()

float numeric_modifier( effect, string )

stat stat_modifier( effect, string )

effect to_effect( int )

effect to_effect( strict_string )

effect to_effect( skill )

skill to_skill( effect )

Proxy Record Fields

Here are the proxy record fields for effects. Proxy records are discussed in more detail here.

Field Data type Default value ASH Accessor Function / Notes
default string ""
note string ""
all aggregate boolean [string]
image string "/images/debug.gif"
descid string ""