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Function Syntax

effect effect_modifier(string check_me ,string modifier_name )

effect effect_modifier(item check_me ,string modifier_name )

Returns an effect if check_me is effect specific. modifier_name is the modifier to check for.

Code Sample

Prints a list of all items that have intrinsic effects

effect eff;
foreach doodad in $items[] {
   eff = effect_modifier( doodad , "Intrinsic Effect" );
   if(eff != $effect[none])
      print(doodad +" grants "+ eff);

Return the effect granted by drinking a particular potion.

effect potion_to_effect(item potion) }
   return effect_modifier(potion, "effect");

More Information

See this thread for details.

See Also

boolean_modifier() | numeric_modifier() | string_modifier()