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Function Syntax

boolean is_online(string player )

  • player is the name of a player

boolean is_online(int player_id )

  • player_id is the id of a player

Checks to see if a given player is currently online, returning true if they are, false otherwise. Works on any player, not just those on your friends list and in your clan.

Code Sample

Try to get Sonata of Sneakiness from an online buffbots, skipping those that are not online.

int bots_tried;
if(is_online("IocaineBot")) {
   cli_execute("csend 18 meat to IocaineBot");
   bots_tried = bots_tried + 1;
if(is_online("KolaBuff")) {
   cli_execute("csend 23 meat to KolaBuff");
   bots_tried = bots_tried + 1;
if(is_online("zonkttc")) {
   cli_execute("csend 17 meat to zonkttc");
   bots_tried = bots_tried + 1;
print("Asked "+ bots_tried +" buffbots for Sonata of Sneakiness.");


Note that this function returns false if player does not exist.