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This data type represents any location in KoL in which one can adventure.

The full range, besides $location[ none ], is too much to list and keep up with here: please see the Wiki Locations page for more information.

Related Functions

boolean adv1( location, int, string )

boolean adventure( int, location, [string] )

float [monster] appearance_rates( location, [boolean] )

string [location, 3] get_florist_plants()

monster [int] get_monsters( location )

int jump_chance( location, [int], [int] )

location my_location()

void set_location( location )

location to_location( strict_string )

location to_location( int )

string to_url( location )

Proxy Record Fields

Here are the proxy record fields for locations. Proxy records are discussed in more detail here.

Field Data type Default value ASH Accessor Function / Notes
nocombats boolean false
combat_percent float 0.0 the chance of getting a combat encounter INCLUDING your combat_rate_modifier()
zone string ""
parent string ""
parentdesc string ""
environment string ""
bounty bounty none
combat_queue string ""
noncombat_queue string ""
turns_spent int 0
kisses int 0 Dreadsylvania
recommended_stat int 0
water_level int 0 Heavy Rains
wanderers boolean false whether wandering monsters can spawn in this zone