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Function Syntax

float numeric_modifier(string modifier_name )

float numeric_modifier(string check_me ,string modifier_name )

float numeric_modifier(item check_me ,string modifier_name )

float numeric_modifier(effect check_me ,string modifier_name )

float numeric_modifier(skill check_me ,string modifier_name )

  • check_me is the string, item, effect or skill to check
  • modifier_name is the modifier to check

Returns your current modifier total for modifier_name, or the amount of modification from check_me if specified.

Special Syntax for Familiars

float numeric_modifier(familiar buddy ,string check_me ,int weight ,item equipment )

  • buddy is the familiar to check
  • check_me is the modifier to check
  • weight is the familiar's weight (buffed, not including equipment)
  • equipment is the familiar's equipment

Returns the familiar's effect on this modifier (for instance, a baby gravy fairy would return some positive float for "Item Drop").

Code Sample

Prints your current Initiative:

float init = numeric_modifier( "initiative" );

Function that checks if a single effect from a given list will buff your muscle over an amount goal. The name of the first effect to satisfy the goal is printed, or you are warned if none is found.

boolean buffMuscleTo( int goal ) {
   int current_muscle = my_buffedstat( $stat[Muscle] ) ;
   int base_muscle = my_basestat( $stat[Muscle] ) ;
   int muscle_increase ;
   if ( current_muscle >= goal ) return true ;
   foreach it in $effects[Tomato Power, Phorcefullness, Gr8tness, Incredibly Hulking] {
      if ( have_effect(it) > 0 ) continue ;
      muscle_increase = floor( base_muscle * numeric_modifier( it, "Muscle Percent" ) / 100 );
      if ( current_muscle + muscle_increase >= goal ) {
         print(it + " will bring your muscle over " + goal);
         return true;
   print("No effect found");
   return false;

Potion/effect-giving items

To get a modifier from a consumable which gives an effect, it is first necessary to convert the item into its given effect with effect_modifier.
This snippet calculates what your meat drop bonus would be after eating a sweet roll alabama:

float meat_boost = numeric_modifier( "meat drop" );
effect effect_from_item = effect_modifier( $item[Sweet roll Alabama] , "effect" );

meat_boost += numeric_modifier( effect_from_item , "meat drop" );

CLI Equivalent

The CLI command "modtrace" gives access to the same information when the correct parameters are specified.

More Information

For a full list of modifiers, see modifiers.
For more information about numeric_modifier(), see the following thread: List.

See Also

boolean_modifier() | effect_modifier() | string_modifier()