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Function Syntax

void print(string message )

void print(string message ,string color )

  • message is the text to print
  • color is an html color name or code

Print the specified text message to the CLI. If the optional color parameter is specified and a valid html color code or entity, it will print in that color. See the CSS 2.1 color specification for a description of valid color syntax and keywords.

Code Sample

Prints stuff in color and black. Note that it prints black twice: first and last.

print("This is black.");
foreach color in $strings[blue, green, olive, darkorange, magenta, black]
   print("This is "+color+".", color);

CLI Equivalent

The CLI commands "fprint," "echo" and "fecho" have similar functionality, minus the color option. However, "cecho" (also "colorecho") does have this option for color.

See Also

dump() | logprint() | print_html() | chat_notify()


A list of common color commands that can be used: olive, yellow, orange, gray, fuchsia, red, white, silver, teal, navy, blue, maroon, purple.
More advance colors can be used by entering their Hexadecimal code as the string.
Using an invalid color name or code can cause odd colors to be chosen; see the Talk Page for details.
As of r8638, attempting to print a string beginning with a slash(/) will cause KoLmafia to print a blank line instead. To avoid this behavior, you must specify the second argument for the text color. Any color will do, and even a blank string ("") will work.