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Function Syntax

item to_item(string name )

item to_item(int id )

  • id is an item ID # to convert

item to_item(string name ,int qty )

  • name is an item name or string representation of an item ID # to convert
  • qty is an item quantity (acts as a check)
    • If qty is 1, this function follows normal string matching
    • If qty is any other number, this function will allow plural names to match

Returns the item that matches name or id as specified. Plural names will not match unless the third form is used and qty is not equal to 1.

Code Sample

The following code fills a map with all items that has an ID number between 1000 and 1200.

boolean [item] item_list;
for item_id from 1000 upto 1200
   if to_item( item_id ) != $item[ none ]
      item_list[ to_item( item ) ] = true;


Unlike direct casting via $item[ ], no match found by this function will return $item[ none ] rather than abort.