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KoLmafia has so much functionality, it is ridiculous. We have gone over the basics, but I want to leave some final thoughts on other neat things Mafia can do.

  1. Redundant Functionality - Mafia is meant to REPLACE the normal KoL interface. In our lessons, we have used Mafia as a supplement to the normal interface. What this means is that Mafia has a lot of duplicate functionality. For example, the Store Interface and the Equipping Manager are just about identical to what KoL already uses. Therefore, I use them interchangeably. In some cases, there is little advantage to using Mafia's version (such as the store manager). On the other hand, some functionality such as the Item Manager is much better in Mafia than the standard interface.

  2. The Quest main menubar has some interesting functionality. By selecting one of these, KoLmafia will automate a quest for you. For example, the 'Tavern' will automatically adventure at random tavern locations until it finds the faucet. It will then stop and leave it up to you whether to turn it off or not. Selecting 'guild' will do all your guild unlocking quests. Maze will automatically work through the sorceress hedge maze for you. 'Leaflet' completes the leaflet quest for you, which saves a ton of time typing. Note that many people have written scripts that can automate quests even more.

  3. You can write your own .ash scripts. Several tutorials may be found at http://kolmafia.sourceforge.net/advanced.html. I have started learning scripting and in fact have a newbie guide right after this section! It is very handy, especially for more advanced players. For example, a player might want to drink a Tiny Bottle of Absinthe, do the required 3 adventures for the not-a-pipe reward, and in between do farming at the Castle for example. This would be tedious to do manually. Heck, even with Mafia it would be a pain. However, you could write a reasonably simple script that would do this for you.

    I think the best way to go about script writing is to find a similar script someone has written, then go modify it to do what you specifically want it to do. In the above example, I'd find a script that adventures in certain locations and uses items. You can then steal the syntax and replace 'Absinthe' and the appropriate adventure locations, rearrange it, and have yourself a functional script.

  4. The Item Manager has a lot of functionality. I like to click the General selection and see ALL my inventory on one screen.
    • You can then use the textbox and/or checkboxes to filter as desired, use items, send to mall, get a wiki page, etc. This is really handy when you want to do a quick check if you have something or not. Its a LOT easier than searching for a specific item with the normal inventory interface (even with CTRL-F to help you find it!).
    • Under Equipment/Pulverize, it can assist you in knowing how to pulverize equipment and even send to wadbot to do it for you!
    • Hardcore players will appreciate that Mafia knows all crafting recipes and can help you create equipment based on what you have available.
    • The Item Manager is great for restores. You can click Usable/Restores and it filters down to items that are usable to restore HP or MP. There is even a handy 'Check Wiki' link to find out what they do!

This is the end of the conventional KoLmafia Guide!

If you are interested, once you have this down you might want to tackle scripting. This is writing your own scripts to do various stuff. I recommend that you at least read through the rest of this guide and it will give you an idea of what you are capable of and how difficult it will be to do so. I tried to include several very usable and easily modified scripts to get you started.

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