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'Breakfast' is the Mafia functionality of completing repetitive actions that you generally would want to always do at your first logon of the day. These involve no usage of any resources, nor is there any particular choice or strategy regarding it. For example, there is no reason at all to not pick the Clan Meat Tree or use the Klaw game, or to read your class book (the one that gives you a small number of substats every day), or to use a cheap toaster, or get your cut from the produce stand. Basically, Mafia will automatically do all actions of this type when breakfast is invoked.

On the other hand, some things you might wish to control. For example, you might always want to use the Clan Snack Machine, but which chips do you pick? You want to autocast your Tome, but if you have more than one, which one do you use? Since these type of actions have some user interaction involved, the Breakfast Preferences handles these. Let's check these preferences:

  1. Bring up the Preferences as before under main menubar, General, Preferences.
  2. Click the Breakfast tab.
  3. The first thing you see are options to execute scripts during login or logout. We will skip this, but note that it gives you the ability to perform specialized custom commands. For example, say you want to switch your gear to equipment that boosts your adventures per day, then drink a final cocktail. You could use the On Logout script to do so. In our scripting tutorial we will create such a logout script. It can literally be a single line, for example a DoLogout.ash file with 'cli_execute("maximize adv");' would always equip any items you own that give more adventures per day. I don't know about you, but Ive already lost hundreds of turns because I've forgotten to equip a Chrome sword or Dead Mans Watch during hardcore.
  4. You will see two separate sections for both Ronin-clear characters and in-ronin ones. Many of the settings will be exactly the same... EXCEPT to enable 'honor path restrictions' during the ronin period. Though you might choose to have less automation during in-ronin breakfast since it is a pickier part of the game.
  5. I would recommend you click all of the applicable available checkboxes. Automatically getting hermit clovers when available is nice. This command buys hermit permits if needed, then visits the Hermit, gets all clovers the Hermit has got available and you can afford, , then uses them to make them Disassembled Clovers. Note that it will spend your meat fishing around in the sewer for Worthless trinkets as well as buying permits (if necessary), so you might want to keep this off for the first day or two of your run, when meat is scarce. Otherwise, this takes care of e.g. you forgetting to check for clovers the following days when they are available.
  6. You probably want to turn off 'Enable Auto-Recovery', especially in-ronin. This would for example let Mafia use MP restores to use your Tome or heal you in preparation for adventuring. I prefer to manage this myself. More on this in the HP/MP Recovery lesson.
    Lesson10 breakfast.png

You are done! Go ahead and activate breakfast by one of several methods. You could click Breakfast from the Daily Deeds panel under Adventuring (I prefer this panel up instead of the Location Details and changed it by using the pulldown). Or you could logout and re-login making sure to checkbox Breakfast. There is bound to be a breakfast button on the GUI somewhere. You can type breakfast in the CLI too. In any case, invoke it and then check the CLI tab and see exactly what Breakfast did for you. You will likely see something and say what I've said, "Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that!".

BOTTOM LINE: Breakfast is a great way to automatically do things that you want done but don't necessarily remember every time.

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