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Function Syntax

int my_basestat(stat st )

  • st is the stat you want to return the unbuffed value of.

This function returns the base (unbuffed) value of the logged-in character's particular stat as an int.

Note that this function also accepts $stat[submuscle], $stat[submysticality], and $stat[submoxie] as parameters, in which case it will return the current number of substats as an int.

Code Samples

Prints your unbuffed mainstat.

print("My base main stat: " + my_basestat(my_primestat()));

Prints each stat value.

print("My base muscle: " + my_basestat($stat[muscle]));
print("My base mysticality: " + my_basestat($stat[mysticality]));
print("My base moxie: " + my_basestat($stat[moxie]));
print("My current muscle substats: " + my_basestat($stat[submuscle]));
print("My current mysticality substats: " + my_basestat($stat[submysticality]));
print("My current moxie substats: " + my_basestat($stat[submoxie]));

See Also


When not logged in, this function will return 0 regardless of parameter.