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This data type represents servants, which are unique to the Actually Ed the Undying path and located in The Servants' Quarters, replacing familiars.

The set of possible values, including $servant[ none ], are:

  • Assassin
  • Belly-Dancer
  • Bodyguard
  • Cat
  • Maid
  • Priest
  • Scribe

Related Functions

boolean have_servant( servant )

servant my_servant( servant )

servant to_servant( int )

servant to_servant( strict_string )

boolean use_servant( servant )

Proxy Record Fields

Here are the proxy record fields for servants. Proxy records are discussed in more detail here.

Field Data type Default value ASH Accessor Function / Notes
id int 0
name string ""
level int 0
experience int 0
image string ""
level1_ability string ""
level7_ability string ""
level14_ability string ""
level21_ability string ""