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Function Syntax

class to_class(int convert )

class to_class(string name )

  • name is the class int or name to convert

Returns the specified class name as a class.

Code Samples

Following example shows basic to_class operations.

print(to_class("DiScO BanDiT"), "green");
print(to_class("disco ban"), "red");
if (to_class("DiScO BanDiT") == my_class())
   print("I am a Disco Bandit!", "green");
else print("I am not a Disco Bandit...", "blue");
It gives the following output (for DBs).
Disco Bandit

I am a Disco Bandit!


Unlike direct casting with $class[ ], this function is case-insensitive. Full name is still required (partial names, or names with extra characters, return $class[ none ]).