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Function Syntax

boolean can_equip(item check_me )

  • check_me is the item to check

Returns true if, based on your current stats, you are capable of equipping check_me on your character, false if you cannot. Note that this function doesn't check for whether or not you actually have the item; just whether you're capable of equipping it.

Code Sample

Check to see if the character can equip a Hippo Poncho.

if(!have_skill($skill[torso awaregness]))
   print("Cannot equip a shirt if you don't know how to find your own torso!");
if(can_equip($item[hippo poncho]))
   print("You're sexy enough to wear a hippo poncho.", "green");
else print("You're not sexy enough to wear a hippo poncho.", "red");

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Note that this, for the most part, only checks for stat requirements to equip an item, so, for example, checking for a chefstaff will return true if you meet the stat requirements to equip it, even if you don't have Spirit of Rigatoni or a sauce glove. However, Torso Awareness is checked if applicable, as are ascension restrictions and, to some extent, familiar type.