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Function Syntax

boolean hippy_store_available()

This function returns true if the logged-in character has unlocked the hippy store. Otherwise, it returns false. Note: technically, this function checks for the hippy store + island access; it never checks to see if you have the outfit; it does switch to reporting false between starting the level 12 quest & completing the orchard sub-quest (if done).

Code Samples

The example informs you if the hippy store is unlocked and if you meet the requirements to purchase from it.

if (hippy_store_available()) {
   print("You can access the hippy store!", "green");
   if (get_property("sidequestOrchardCompleted") != "hippy" && get_property("sidequestOrchardCompleted") != "frat") {
      if (have_outfit("Filthy Hippy Disguise"))
         print("You must use your filthy hippy disguise in order to purchase items there.", "blue");
      else print("You must first obtain a filthy hippy disguise to purchase items there.", "red");
   else print("You can purchase freely from it.", "blue");
else print("You need to unlock the hippy store.", "red");

See Also

black_market_available() | guild_store_available() | white_citadel_available()


When not logged in, this function returns false.